We are a companion No. 1

The success of the partnership, a stable income of the employee is successful in business of Phuc Ngoc Anh

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

A decade of establishment and development is not a long-established company, but Phuc Ngoc Anh has built brand distributor of electrical equipment, refrigeration market leading Vietnam.

With operational guideline: " The success of the partnership, a stable income of the employee is successful in business of Phuc Ngoc Anh" which during the last decade, Phuc Ngoc Anh was always work closely with customers to share difficulties, to confirm confidence, to develop an extensive distribution network through 3 areas: North, Central and South. Each day, hundreds of agents operate stably, meaning that thousands of workers have jobs and millions of customers are met timely consumption demand.

Nearly one hundred officers, employees of Phuc Ngoc Anh always wanted and tried our best efforts to give our customers the most perfect services. Therefore, we focus on selecting, developing and training a team of experts who are really capable and have the ability to analyze market, coordinate network effectively for large-scale development, meet domestic consumer’s demand.

Specifically, Phuc Ngoc Anh also focus on the selection of partners, towards comprehensive cooperation with leading manufacturers in the world. Manufacturers whose products and services by customers all over the world trusted and accepted. And above all they really want and can afford to meet Vietnamese customer’s consumption demand.

On behalf of Phuc Ngoc Anh’s the officers and employees, I welcome the domestic and foreign partners to learn, cooperate and work together to build a strong business environment due to a prosperity and development Vietnam.


Do Thi Lan
President - Board of Administrators - CEO



Phuc Ngoc Anh Co., Ltd was founded in August 2004 on the basis of a distribution agent for many manufacturers of household appliances, refrigeration in the world. 

After 10 years of construction, development, Phuc Ngoc Anh towards highly specialized when only focus on distribution to a number of prestigious brands on the market International such as Toshiba, etc.

Up to now, Phuc Ngoc Anh has had hundreds of agents across the 3 areas of the country.

Nearly 30 large and small trucks actively transported goods and timely supply to agents.

Our staff team is nearly 100 people who have extensive experience in market exploitation, network system management and maintenance, maintenance of equipments, products.

With a team of employee is considered volunteer activities are responsible for community, we:

Supported love school, built schools for poor children
Supported victims of Orange toxic in Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang 
Every year awayhaving given gifts to the poor people of western province

We are the distributor with extensive network system

  • Agent network in all 3 areas: North, Central and South
  • Store under agents across 64/64 provinces in the country
  • The transport team always meet demand for goods 7/7 days in week and 24/24 hours a day for Agent


Become one of the leading distributors in the field of electronics, information technology in the country and development out of the area, in order to bring the best interests for our customers and communities.



For the market: To supply products - class services with international quality and be knowledgeable about local character ; have anonymous unique and highly creative. Besides the value of outstanding quality, in every product - service which carries cultural messages, with purpose of satisfactorying in maximum for legitimate needs of the customer.

For partners: To focus on cooperation spirit together develop; committed to become "The companion No. 1" of partners and agents.

For employees: To build a professional, dynamic, creative and humanities working environment; to facilitate high-income and equitable developing opportunities for all employees.

For society: To harmonize business benefits with social benefits; to contribute positively into community-oriented activities, to show the spirit of civic responsibility and national pride.



  • Customers are the center
  • The successful edification with partners 
  • Development of strong human resources
  • Sharing the community is obligation


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